AI / ML Predictive Engine & Data Science Platform,
delivering Business critical KPIs

Key Highlights
  • Business KPIs

    Discover and identify important KPIs from huge data

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    Actionable insights using predictive engine

  • State of the Art

    Predictive model derived using proven methods


Companies collect a huge amount of data about their business and ongoing operations. KPIs can measure business health objectives like performance, operational effectiveness, and popularity. However, the technology to extract these actionable insights from the data and generate predictions about their business was not available in the past. 

Recent advances in machine learning and data science, including the advances in infrastructure and hardware has bridged the gap between theory and practice.

KPI Examples

The Solution That Isn't!

The field of business analytics is not new and over the period of years, there have been many attempts to create software, tools and platforms that help customers analyze their data and gain actionable business insights from the same. These include SQL and data warehousing technologies and Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, Pig, MapReduce. All these approaches were ultimately very expensive, but did not reach their expected levels of success.

Recent advancements in the field of machine learning, data processing and data visualization are promising in that they can help build the right tools, if used correctly.

Our Solution

We use the best of breed technologies in each area, combining it with state of art data processing and visualization to provide future insights. MENTIVE is an AI/ML powered predictive engine and data science platform that can identify, discover and derive KPIs and other significant metrics from a morass of chaotic data and make predictions about them. 

This can be used in any number of applications ranging from predicting hardware maintenance schedules, threat detection, forecasting inventories and logistics/operations management areas etc. in a vast number of industries such as automotive, robotics powered automation, transportation, energy and factory automation.

Frequently asked questions

  • KPI Discovery
  • KPI predictions
  • Scenario simulation (what-if)
  • Recommendation engine
  • Black Swan event estimation
  • Curve Fitting

MENTIVE state of the art techniques from machine learning and statistical algorithms such as Bayesian modeling, Artificial Neural Networks, Clustering, Decision Tree, Classification to analyze the data from various sources and come up with a predictive model.

MENTIVE can be used in multiple industries such as automative, retail, supply chain, factory automation, and automobile in predicting hardware maintenance schedules, robotic process automation, threat detection, forecasting inventories and logistics/operations management areas.

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