Container Native Platform on Steroids for
Running Applications at Scale

Key Highlights
  • CI / CD

    Built-in pipeline using Jenkins

  • Dockerhub

    Built-in private container repository

  • Elastic / Logstash / Kibana

    Integrated solutions for streaming and assimilating container logs

  • Service Mesh

    With sidecar proxy pattern

  • Distributed Tracing

    Debugging, monitoring, and profiling applications

  • Container Firewall

    Enhanced container level security

  • Web Application Firewall

    Pattern-based, user-friendly way to manage traffic and prevent attacks

  • Vulnerability Detection

    Built-in support for containers

  • Service Mesh Caching

    Http network request caching

  • Embedded Vault

    Secrets management


Kubernetes has become the de facto standard orchestration engine as enterprises race ahead leveraging containers, micro services and cloud- native technologies to scale their business. But most organizations find it challenging to manage the life-cycle of production-ready Kubernetes environments, due to lack of expertise or necessary resources.

Commercially available Kubernetes brings in heavy costs and most of them lack some essential features necessary for production run. These also pose multi-cloud portability challenges because of proprietary implementation.

Most Kubernetes distros are solid and well supported, but they lack some of the essential features that are necessary for running applications in production.

The Solution That Isn't!

Any platform that allows running an application in production at scale needs to support not just the needs of the application, but much more. It should support the needs of the developers, the ops engineers, the organization and additionally provide proper security against a variety of attacks.

A Kubernetes that fails to satisfy the above is giving a false sense of hope to companies. It actually puts the entire onus of providing part or whole of the solution on the engineering organization.

Our Solution

Features to scale securely
Machine Learning AI concept

Ionate KUBERNETES is a batteries-included, production ready Kubernetes platform that augments and enhances vanilla Kubernetes by adding various features that are crucial in running applications at scale. 

This includes DevSecOps and AIOps ready security, integrated build pipeline, sophisticated APM and reliability and fault tolerance using an inbuilt service mesh.

Frequently asked questions

IONATE™ KUBERNETES is a highly enhanced version of Vanilla Kubernetes that adds several value added features for Security, Diagnosability, Stability, Scalability and enabled for AIOps and DevSecOps.

Yes, IONATE™ KUBERNETES can run on any Cloud provider such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM (Openshift) or even in a private cloud.

We have a complete solution that comes with its own “batteries included” Kubernetes. As such, if you have your own Kubernetes, Ionate’s value added features cannot work with the same

Please contact us if you have more questions, or need more details.