Legacy to Microservices with 100% Business Parity
using AI / ML in 6 months

Legacy Modernization

We perform true modernization, which means we absolutely preserve:
100% of Data
100% of Business Logic
100% of Business Processes

We transform your legacy systems into modern architecture and code (DB, APIs, and UI). Using our proven and proprietary automation engine, we accomplish the transformation in a few months unlike industry norm of 2-5 years. Following are the classes of legacy systems we convert into modern tech stack (.NET Core, Java Springboot, Angular, React, etc.)

Thick clients *
Oracle Forms, Visual Basic, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Centura
Mainframe, Mid-range, Fujitsu,
Unisys, HP, CA
Monolithic *
Java WebLogic / WebSphere, IBM BPM, Oracle ADF, Oracle SOA, JBOSS, EJB, JSF, ASP, .NET
Key Highlights
Our solution is turnkey. It does automatic conversion of business logic and architecture.

This brings increased developer productivity and overall agility.

Companies that have digitized their business processes 15-20 years ago rely on old technologies, and so they face business operational risks and challenges that make it difficult to move fast with consumer demands. Tech-savvy rivals which are nimble are able to easily compete with old lions. 

Many companies have started their journey to modernizing their legacy systems, but using traditional programming. This stretches the story for 2-3 years, which re-introduces the risk of being obsolete quickly.


The Solution That Isn't!

None of the common methods focus on modernizing the business logic. Hence they are bound to be short term in nature, lead to temporary gains, and not improve the business agility.


Lift and shift physical infrastructure by migrating from on-premise to cloud. This might fetch savings in infrastructure and maintenance costs, but it leaves the heart of the problem untouched.


Modernize to a newer version of the platform (Java 1.2 to Java 11). This will fetch benefits like security and performance in the platform itself, but leave the application itself untouched.

Our Solution

AI / ML automation

A true modernization approach assists in mitigating the risk associated with legacy systems by ensuring that the modernization works not just at the software level but also the architecture level. 

Unlike other competitors, our approach is to modernize the business logic and architecture in a way that it is natural, maintainable and extensible. Our AI / ML platform engine learns the syntax of the source language that is being modernized and is able to perform an idiomatic transformation of the application to the target technology.

Moreover, our machines perform this in a completely automated manner in a very short amount of time, thus saving the customer precious time in their modernization process.

accelerate time to market

Our automation ensures agility and a
faster go-live!

increase productivity

Automation increases developer velocity and consequently productivity.

achieve future proofing

Our platform provides scalability, fault-tolerance, resilience, and performance.

reduce software costs

Our platform eliminates the need for recurring licensing and maintenance costs.

Frequently asked questions

We are legacy-agnostic – we can convert any legacy system. Here’s a run down of some popular legacy:

  • Code: COBOL (IBM, Microfocus, Fujitsu), Oracle Forms, Oracle ADF, IBM BPM, Oracle BPM, Visual Basic, Delphi, RPG, Centura, EJBs, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Sybase SQL
  • Data: Traditional RDBMS, DB2, Teradata, VSAM
  • Architecture: Any monolithic architecture
  • Code: Java Springboot, .NET Core, React, Typescript, Angular, C#
  • Data: NoSQL, Apache Spark, Apache Ignite, Google BigQuery
  • Architecture: Microservice cloud native architecture

Yes, any cloud provider (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, etc.) will be able to run the converted code.

There are some advantages of running on IONATE™ KUBERNETES, but it works on vanilla K8, Azure (AKS), Amazon (EKS), Google (GKE), IBM, Red Hat (OpenShift), and other Kubernetes platforms.

Yes, we offer a Test Drive where we convert 3-5 flows (end-to-end) as a proof-of-concept. Please contact us to request for a trial.

Please contact us if you have more questions, or need more details.