Accelerator Company disrupting Digital Transformation

Our AI / ML platform and products on modernization, cyber-security, data protection, predictive engine, and high-performing infrastructure provides end-to-end rocket ship for enterprises. Companies can not only transform their legacy applications to micro services in a short period, but also enjoy business continuity with modern tools.

Our Story

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Member, 2016-2023
Founded in 2016, Ionate is solving one of computer science’s biggest problems. By deploying and ensuring the most efficient end-to-end cloud modernization journey, Ionate migrates any legacy system to cloud-native microservices in under 12 – 18 months.

With our next-generation AI / ML platform, we use our two proprietary products, IONATE™ SOTERIA and IONATE™ APPDATE to discover business rules in the legacy applications and allow for a salient transition to high-performing cloud-native infrastructures while adding security, predictive forecasting, and data protection for increased scalability of your business.

SOTERIA shows WHAT exists in the legacy system and HOW to modernize it. Identifying and detecting, with increased intelligence, the various technology components of the legacy system, it produces a high-level assessment report. APPDATE uses our learning models to execute a streamlined custom modernization path per each customer.

Our current customers are primarily in the financial sector, followed by Insurance, Retail, and Government. We are globally partnered with all major SIs - Accenture, Deloitte, Kyndryl, Infosys, NTT, etc. and smaller partners.

Core Principles
~ Relentless Customer Focus
~ Own the Action
~ Do Things that Don't Scale
~ Together we can