Customer case studies

Read about how we’ve partnered with our customers to help them achieve future-readiness by replacing the legacy with cloud-native modern ecosystem that’s secure, performant, and scalable at affordable cost. 

Average Success Metrics

Cost Savings (reduced)
Developer Agility (increased)
Time to Market (reduced)

GNDI gets future-ready with recurring cost savings

Converting existing legacy (monolothic) systems to microservices in a short time to gain market agility and eliminating annual license costs on WebSphere – are the primary business gains that brings a huge competitive advantage to GNDI.

Davivienda exhibits forward thinking with CI/CD pipeline

Risk mitigation on EOL (end-of-life) for legacy systems such as Oracle Forms 6i, Oracle Database 11G, Oracle ADF was achieved swiftly by successfully modernizing the ecosystems to cloud-native microservices.