Cloud-Native AISecurity & Data Protection
built on Zero Trust

Anomaly Detection

Detect suspicious patterns and attacks in running applications using machine learning.

Container Firewall

Prevent unauthorized access to your containers from untrusted sources.


Prevent malicious attacks at the protocol level against applications using custom patterns. 

Vulnerability Detection

Check for weak spots in code and containers using our scanner engine, against live CVE.

Data Protection

Ensure GDPR like regulations adherence and compliance for your organization.


Cyber crime is real and it can devastate any organization within days. Attackers are always on the lookout for newer ways to penetrate, attack, steal and disrupt the operations of any organization. Hence, security is not a luxury, but very much integral to any business.

But security systems  needs to protect the organization from multiple angles and its threat model needs to cover all possible threats, including ones that are currently unknown.

Security is very complex, and a multi-dimensional problem.
Our Solution

Powered by AI/ML, our security portfolio is a sophisticated running engine that learns quick and smart. It detects the patterns and trends of the application when it is in steady state, and quickly identifies and alerts against any impending threats. What you get is an intelligent fortress protecting the insides and outsides of your ecosystem.

IONATE CRYPTOID is Ionate’s AISecurity suite for cloud native cyber security and data protection. This includes a vulnerability detection engine that scans code and container for weaknesses, a cloud-native container firewall, a trainable application firewall that protects your applications against malicious attacks, AI/ML enabled anomaly detection enabling protection against threats and data protection for ongoing compliance needs.

All these together form a comprehensive solution, which working in tandem is a formidable defense against most attacks.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Anomaly detection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Container Firewall
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Data protection
  • Vault

While there are many excellent vendors in Cybersecurity and Data protection, Ionate CRYPTOID offers a comprehensive security suite that helps the protect customer applications against multiple threat vectors.

  • WebApp Security (SQL/ injection)
  • XSS
  • DDOS
  • Vulnerabilities in existing software
  • Zero day exploits
  • Protocol-level attacks on applications
Please contact us if you have more questions, or need more details.