Serverless Supercompute platform - cost optimized,
high-performing infrastructure

Key Highlights


Facilitates rapid roll out of high performing infrastructure


Infrastructure cost savings while running applications at scale


Reliable infrastructure to set up data science pipelines


Enterprise companies have complex use cases, and they require multiple technologies to tackle various aspects of their business. For instance, they need big data analytics, machine learning, distributed computing, persistence software, and so on.

 Since each of these technologies require specialized skills to make an effective use of them, there are various companies specializing in one or more of these. Managing the ecosystem with multiple vendors also pose a challenge of scale and cost.

It's challenging to run multiple technologies at scale, at an affordable cost.
Our Solution

POWERON is a serverless supercomputing platform that leverages state-of-the-art distributed technologies to help customers turbocharge their infrastructure on a shoestring budget. 

We have taken the approach of creating a supercomputing platform on top of Kubernetes infrastructure that is highly tuned to run heavy duty analytics and machine learning applications at cloud scale. We achieve this by using our proprietary technology and knowledge to create pre-baked images for these technologies that are specially configured and designed to extract the maximum juice from your infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions

  • Machine Learning: Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch
  • BigData: Hadoop, Hbase, Spark
  • Distributed: Kafka, Storm, Flink
  • NoSQL: Cassandra, MongoDB, Elastic

To be able to run BigData Analytics and Machine Learning infrastructure in an efficient and cost effective manner.

If your underlying hardware includes GPUs, then POWEON supports using the power of GPUs for running Machine learning and AI workloads.

You can use any programming languages supported with the underlying framework such as Python, Scala, Java or R.

Please contact us if you have more questions, or need more details.