Our Core Differentiators

How we are disrupting the Digital Transformation market

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  • Industry Veterans who know Technology and Business
  • 20 Decades in large products, legacy systems, AI / ML, security, data science, and user experience
  • Proven track record – Akamai, IBM, Oracle, Apple 


  • Business Parity – 100% business rules will work exactly as it worked before modernization 
  • Swift delivery within 3-6 months
  • Thick clients, Mainframe, Monolithic 

Support & Commitment

  • We stay together ‘the day after’ modernization
  • Production-environment products make cloud affordable
  • Best of the breed SI (partners) 

Business Acceleration

  • Products on security, predictive services, monitoring, forecasting, and high-performing infrastructure
  • Cost reduction and bottom line optimization
  • Double-digit growth to top line 

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